Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 11.9.08, Morning

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Yehudit S., Michaela R. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


Zeitim passage 06:20

The traffic is heavy. There is no line in front of the external carousel.

After 06:30 the school children start coming. Then the their checking point is openned. The stream of pupils gets heavier towards 07:00. The tempo of passage is about six people per minutes, it takes 4-6 minutes to go through.

The police officer A. exits towards the parking lot. On his way he stops a driver who does not have his safety belt on, and gets angry at him since he tried to put the belt on and lie. The driver asks if he will put a complaint about it, and the answer is yes, he will get a fine and four points.
Y. asked for his phone number, and he said that he does not give any phone numbers. "And if we want your help?" I asked. The answer was: "I am here from 04:30 on in order to take care that everything goes well".

We told him about the woman who had a dead fetus in her womb, and had to get to the hospital, and only after our begging went through. His answer was:"Yes, I did hear about some pregnent woman". He did not want to relate to the humanitarian problem that was created in the chekcpoints and to the functioning of the DCO there, and claimed that the checkpoint operates well.

Wadi Naar  07:35

The traffic of vehicles is very active.

We watch from afar and see a line of about ten cars from Sawahara. There is one lorry standing, and it is being thoroughly checked. After it went through, and two three more cars too, the BP man went, and the cars kept standing. The line gets longer.

After about ten minutes the BP man returns, and all the cars pass quickly. There are a van and a private car coming from Beit Lehem being detained for a short while. One van is being sent back towards Beit Lehem. We spproach the checkpoint and find a long line coming from Beit Lehem. The traffic starts moving. Y.'who walks on the edge of the road aboth the wadi attracts the attention of a BP man who quickly cares about her safety. "The area is not safe because of the works done. One might slip, and it is my responsibiliry". The same caring and responsible BP man is drinking in public. A small girl gets off a van that is being checked, and is vomiting. The BP man gives her mother a glass of water.

In Adumim police station and in Ez-Zaim checkpoint we did not see anyone waiting.