Bethlehem, Nuaman, Sun 24.8.08, Morning

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Haya O., . Edna G. (reporting)

7:00 AM,  Nuaman cCheckpoint :There wasn't much traffic. Children made their way to school in two groups. First there were six boys who passed without a problem. After them came 13 girls, they two had no problem passing. They headed on about 50 meters down the road towards El Has village, which is in the Palestinian Authority. It's lucky there isn't much traffic on that road and the passage didn't' seem to pose a big problem.



An Elder man on a horse arrived at the checkpoint but wasn't allowed to pass. He told us that the trees on the other side of the checkpoint were his and that he was on his way to see them, but wasn't permitted to pass. It was hard to communicate with him. Another man arrived ridding a donkey, he wasn't allowed to pass either, we didn't' manage to talk to him. A Palestinian car was detained at the checkpoint, the driver was from Nuaiman but the person driving with him was from El Has, and therefore he wasn't allowed to pass. As we understand it only Nuaiman residents (about 250 people) are allowed to enter the village. Is it really so?