Beit Iba, Tue 12.8.08, Afternoon

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Amit Y., Yael S. (reporting) Guest: Odelia L. Translator: Judith G.



   Beit Iba.16:00  We approached the checkpoint and found it entirely empty.  The detention area was also empty. 16:10  6 trucks at the entrance to Nablus. The soldiers are bored and sought our company in order to relieve their boredom.  Assaf, the commander, asked them not to talk with us, but they didn't pay attention to him.  The summer semester is over, thus there weren't any students.  Tomer, the DCO rep, said that they had closed off with cement barriers all the alternative routes around the checkpoint.  In Assaf's opinion, the opening of route 60 to Jenin also contributed to the lightness of the traffic at Beit Iba. 16:20  3 cars at the entrance to Nablus.  No line at the exit.  5 people in the humanitarian line.  In fact, the longer line is at the entrance to Nablus:  10 people.  They can enter freely from Huwarra. 16:45  We left