Beit Iba, Tue 5.8.08, Afternoon

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Dalia F., Bruria R. (reporting)Translator: Judith G.


15:00  On the road leading to the checkpoint there were a lot of military vehicles.  At the entrance there was a line of 11 vehicles;  after a few minutes, they began to go through. Almost no people at the checkpoint.  In both line, the humanitarian and the regular, there was very light traffic.  The soldiers didn't answer our questions concerning the reason for the small number of people.  We thought it might be connected to the large number of military vehicles. There was one event:  a youth was detained because of "bingo", that is, his ID number resembled the number of a "wanted" man so, every time he crossed the checkpoint, he was detained for at least 40 minutes until this was cleared up.  We asked the DCO rep if it would be possible to do something about this and he answered that they had tried and failed.