Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 3.7.08, Afternoon

Debora G., Daphna S. (reporting)


Wadi Nar 15:00

As we arrive there are 8 detained vans. In one of them, as we saw later, there are guests from Jordan. Everyone is inside the cars.

A very nervous soldier runs about.There is nothing left of the former checkpoint. The soliders are documents, and it takes time until those are brought for checkup inside the shed standing aside. About ten minutes after we arrive some of the coduments are returned, and of course, the people have to find out to whom every document belongs, and this includes the pedestrian detaineesinfo-icon who stand down the road and have to run uphill in order to get their document.

There is an older woman who approaches the soldiers. There is no reaction to her requests, and she asked us to approach, and we did approach and ansk what happens. We got the usual answers: one can not approach her, maybe she will blow up. Strange, we thought, so why did you let her get near at the first place.

We were driven away. What kind of Jews are you, after the terrorit attack in Jerusalem. The commander of the checkpoint emerged, actually shouting at his soldiers: don't answer them. He approached us and started lecturing, but caught himself and said that those are the regulations, and we should not interfere with the work done.
One of the Jordanian passengers took pictures of the donkey standing by the grocery store. We suggest that she does not do it. An officer and one of the soldiers approach her.  She shows them the pictures. It is good that now the cameras are digital.  They are allowed to keep driving. Everyone is very nervous today.
We left when we saw that there are no more detainees or cars waiting for a permit to drive.