Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 22.7.08, Afternoon

Shoshi B. (reporting), Hana C. (reporting and photographing)

 Translation: Y. Bassis-Student

13.55 - Za'atra junction
About 40 cars wait, in the direction of Ramallah.

14.15 - Huwwara checkpoint 
The checkpoint commander D. greets us and turns out as a nice young man.
On the bill board there are notes : "Thanks to the IDF soldiers", apparently were put up by right wing women whom the checkpoint were originally built for.
There are no unusual interruptions.
 Very hot.
Old and handicap people stroll slowly through the lengthy checkpoint (picture on left).
The dog is in a sniffing  and smelling position.

15.40 - Beit Furiq
B. who introduced himself as the checkpoint commander, approaches us telling us to stand aside, quite a distance from the "white line" which indicates, at Beit Furique, the end of the walking track.The reason , we might get hurt. We argued back and forth until A. came along and as it turned out  he and he alone is the checkpoint commander. He allowed us to stay put in a place which is a Status Quos (slightly inside, in the shade). The one who claimed to be the commander (according to him, he served as a substitute)stayed on to argue with us finally letting go.
The checkpoint, as usual is almost empty.
There were no unusual events.
16.30 - We left.
16.45 - A long convoy of about 80 vehicles is at a stand still at the crossroad of Za'atra in the direction of Ramallah. We took the regular steps, calling the head quarters,they promised to get back to us. Until 6.00 pm we were not given a final  answer.