Beit Iba, Wed 23.7.08, Afternoon

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Tami C., Daliah G.

Chana S. translating


15:45 No queue of cars at entrance to Nablus. 

At pedestrian checkpoint i.d.’s are checked of those entering Nablus.


The ‘humanitarian’ line moves rapidly. From time to time someone checks more thoroughly, and sometimes rudely.  For instance, a soldier checking contents of a plastic bag put his hand in the bag, took out personal clothing and replaced it (could he not have asked the woman to do this herself?)


The hut was almost empty.  In the detention hut there was one man.  When we asked why he was detained we were told that he had asked to rest there.  Strange, but it seemed true.  He was lying on a bench.


16.00  Another detainee was admitted.

The queue began to build up, but quickly freed.

A bus arrived for checking.  All the men had to descend.  The women were checked inside the vehicle.  The men waited until all the id’s have been checked and then were allowed one by one to board.


16.10 The bus sets out on its way.  The detainee is released.


We talk to a man of the DCO and to the commander of the checkpoint.  The DCO man, a Druze, has a pleasant manner.  The soldiers praise him.


The commander, Second Lieutenant Aviv, explains to us his position:  He opposes violence. On the other hand, he claims that not only the West Bank is ours but also Transjordan. And there is no need, as he said, for violence – just to act, that is, to settle.  His words are accompanied by a sweet smile.


16.45  We leave.