Reihan, Shaked, Sun 20.7.08, Morning

Yocheved J., Neta J. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

06:05 - 08:40

06:05  Reihan - Barta'a
Above, in the parking lot on the seamline zone side, workers and seamstresses are waiting for their rides. They tell us that "today is good".
The documents of the taxi passengers from the seamline zone to the West Bank are inspected in the hut in the upper vehicle CP.
In the parking lot on the Palestinian side only two loaded pickup trucks are waiting. Others have already been admitted for inspection.
Those who come to the gate enter the teminal immediately. We observed the passage of a young man in an orange shirt; ten minutes passed from the time he entered the terminal until he left for the seamline zone.

06:55 Shaked-Tura CP
The soldiers are  there, and at 07:00 on the dot they open the gate. About 20 people are waiting to cross to the seamlina zone. One of the soldiers takes care of the queue. He turns the herd of sheep back, and makes sure that the sheep do not go past the gate. The passage in both directions is slow. One of those going through tells us "I heard that in Barta'a things are good today." Another asks when all this will end.
In the upside-down world of the CPs, the experienced Palestinians teach the job to the new soldiers. One of them tells us "I asked the soldier to write down [the names and the ID numbers of those going through] so that there won't be problems in the afternoon." Another person says, "You know, here there are soldiers, and not a [civilian] company." It seems that a civilian security firm has some advantages.

07:50  About ten people are still waiting to go through. When we ask about this, a soldier answers that the passage to the West Bank is slow because the people's permits have 'Reihan CP' written on them. The soldiers do not know that the residents of Umm Reihan, Dahar el Malek, and Hirbet Radiyeh are allowed to go through the Shaked CP and they keep asking about each person. The passage to the seamline zone is slow because there is only one soldier in the inspection hut, doing the inspection.
Outside, on the other hand, five soldiers are standing opposite one Palestinian. A resident of Dahar el Malek, who does maintenance work in the nearby settlement Hinanit, is waiting for his two workers. In the meantime he complains that his village has still not been hooked up to electricity.
08:10 All those who were waiting to go through to the seamline zone - about 20 people and two herds of sheep - have gone through.
08:20 Reihan-Barta'a
Five Palestinian cars are waiting to go through to the West Bank. The vehicle CP is closed for some reason unknown to us. They open for the 'Security Vehicle of Mavo Dothan' and for us. Afterwards, the Palestinians go through.
The parking lot on the Palestinian side is full of cars whose drivers, as usual, are waiting for non-existent passengers. Those who arrive at the gate enter the terminal immediately.
08:40 Eight loaded pickup trucks are waiting to be inspected. We leave.