Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 24.7.08, Afternoon

Yael l.-J., Driver: Avital F.
We started from my house at 14:30.   There was no other women from MW available, but Avital was very helpful with translations and ideas.

Zeitim Checkpoint

We first drove to theZeitim checkpoint . Ariving about 15:00, we  found the checkpoint almost empty. It was very hot and almost stormy. Two men were sitting on the ground, dozing in the shadow. One elegantly dressed man (suit in the heat!) was walking around, perhaps waiting for somebody.

Two women passed the checkpoint in 4 minutes.

Wadi Nar

Arrival at 15:00. Still hot and very dusty. Traffic is slow. One taxidriver was calling me for help immediatly. He said, that he was waiting here  2 hours.
 He had one passenger in his car. Their ID,s had been taken.

I was moving our "hot line" via Ronit and Channah. After another 10 minutes they could leave.
Traffic was now flowing.

But 4 young men had been detained. They stood beind the budke in  the heat without shadow or water. The father of one of them called me - in English -  for help. He said that he was waiting for his son for two hours. His son would be innocent. I was again activating our "hot line". They told me that because of this case the "Minhal ezrachi" was on his way. We should wait for them. So we did. On Avitals suggestion I bought waterbottles, took them to the soldiers, asking if I could give them to the detaineesinfo-icon. One of them was friendly and was bringing the bottles to the detainees.

We could not wait for a longer time, because we had also Bethlehem on our schedule. We left about 16:20, driving by Abu Dis, El Azariha. We found again a long queue of cars standing , coming from Ramallah and  waiting for a passage.