Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 2.4.08, Morning

Ora A., Drora P. (reporting). Joske H. (support). Rachel M.

  Bethlehem, Rachel’s  passage CP 300:  Many people have been waiting in line for hours. Quite a few lose patience and try reaching the counter, pushing and shouting. 

A security company is in charge of keeping order. Generally these people are uniformed and armed, both leading to coarse and imperious behavior. One of them shouts, the other pushes back the first in line, and the third, with his gun at the ready, barges into the queue. 

One of them, of higher rank, on being questioned by us about this behavior says: “There is only one platoon here. They are acting in several places at once and we do not have enough people." When we replied that in that case a report on manpower shortage should be sent, he replied that this was none of his business and that he is acting on the basis of what is available.

On asking for help from the CDI (Centre for the Defense of the Individual) we were told that the matter would be taken care of. We then complained to the commander of the area about the civilian security and were told to contact the police. We did it and were informed that a police patrol would come soon. We waited for a while but not enough to ensure that our complaint was taken care of. To our regret those cases occur frequently and we hope to 'improve' the situation next time.


Nebi Younes: We met a person for whom we arranged a meeting with Sylvia.


Etzion  DCL: People came for different matters and they were invited into the office for discussion.