Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 6.7.08, Morning

Yael B. (reporting), Rachel L. (one-time volunteer)

Translator:  Charles K.

7:45  -  Za'tara intersection

No line of cars from the west.  Two inspection lanes operating at the checkpoint.

7:50  An additional lane is opening.  Within minutes no cars were waiting and traffic flowed. 
The commander of the reserve battalion manning the checkpoint was there and inquired about Machsom Watch's activities.  I explained them to him.

8:15  Beit Furik.

6 cars waiting.  A.-A. reports that there were a lot of cars early in the morning, but the soldiers carried out their jobs "very well."

8:40  Huwwara checkpoint

30-40 people waiting in the covered pedestrian shed.

A group of Palestinian laborers is sitting by the side of the checkpoint (next to the "humanitarian" trailer), near the car in which they were riding.  We learned (also from them) that they were riding in a car without a license or plates (suspected of having been stolen in Israel), and so the Israeli police were called.  The driver's ID card was taken.  They say they've been waiting since 7:30, and the police haven't shown up yet.  Later we saw two of the five walking toward the parking lot; apparently they gave up on the idea of "shared fate" and decided to find other means of transportation.

Three lanes are operating at the checkpoint.  Pedestrian traffic flows freely.

D., the checkpoint commander, is polite.

As we left the checkpoint we saw a police car arriving, apparently regarding the car we referred to.  We didn't intervene because we'd made an appointment to meet Sa'id, the father of the boy hospitalized in "Reut" near Yad Eliyahu, to drive him and his wife to the institution where his son is hospitalized unconscious after he had been run over in Hawwara more than a year ago. 

10:30  Za'tara/Tapuach intersection.

2 cars coming from Nablus.

No cars waiting from the east.