Beit Iba, Wed 2.7.08, Morning

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Netta A., Inbal R. Natanya translating
 . Summary,. Routine checking.

7.10 – 8.20 Beit Iba. Earlier on tens of people had been at the entrance to Nablus most of whom were students and afterwards there was less crowding and no detaineesinfo-icon in the shed. The checking of those entering was random as is usual lately. The commander is a new

second lieutenant and we asked him to open the humanitarian line at the time of pressure so as to prevent the women having to be pressed in with the men. He says there is no reason for such a line because those entering the village are very carefully checked and that is there is a problem he will help with the checking as he does not have enough soldiers. Few cars pass the checkpoint and each one is carefully checked for 15 minutes and so are the cars.