Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 26.6.08, Morning

Ora K., Yehudit S., Michaela R. (reporter), a guest - Charlotte (a journalist




06:00 Zeitim passage

Tens of people, most of them men, come flowing out of the checkpoint. As usual, their belts are in their hands, and some of them put their shoes on. A big crowd, and everything is going on in silence and in a matter of fact manner. A man who lives near Kalandia told us that he had left home at four o'clock in the morning, saw what happens in Kalandia checkpoint, and decided to take a taxi and go through this checkpoint, in order not to be late for work.

 Wadi Nar

From far away we saw detained vehicles, and almost no movement in the checkpoint. When we
proached the place a flow of cars started moving, and long lines were threading on both ways. A loud argument was going on between BP men and lorry drivers. From the building near the checkpoint a soldier emerged and annouced in a loud voice that whoever shouts, and he does not care who he will be "He will break his bones". We did not understand what the argument was about, But about ten minutes later the lorry went on its way.

The lane leading towards Beit Lehem is blocked by barbed wire, and the traffic to both directions is going through one lane. Everything is slow. People coming from Beit Lehem and wait to turn into Sawahara are met with traffic from the opposite direction. Big vehicles find it hard to manouvre, and dangerous situations are created.
About a quarter of an hour after we arrive the checkpoint is empty. The detaineesinfo-icon are released too. 
All the sheds and checking stands are completely striped off, and there is only a metal skeleton.

A high rank officer (of the army) who is part of engineering walks around the checkpoint masterly. He refuses to explain to us what happens, but definitely shout at us not to take his picture.

In the middle of the road there is a plastic block, Jersy, and a poster is glued to it. There is written in Hebrew, written by hand:
Orders to the drivers:
Stand for checkup (search?)
Follow the Police orders.
Turn the lights off at night.
It is useless to say that one can not read the "Announcement" from where the drivers stand.
The two drivers who dared come forwards without being waved to were returned backwards, reversing, a long way.

08:15E1 police station

The fortified building starts to fill with life. Settlers come to arrange things, and so do Palestinians. All  along the road people are welcomed by signs that announce the new neighborhood "Mevaseret Adumim". It is not built yet.

We met a Palestinian who came to get his license after he had paid a fine.
There is no public transportation to this solitary place. Drivers whose license was taken away from them have to get help from friends or pay a lot for a cab, that will wait for them until they finish their business there.