Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 24.6.08, Morning

Biriya L., Noga K., Milette S. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

07:40 Za'tara/Tapuah Junction
There are two active lanes for cars heading for the north. About 50 vehicles are waiting in the queue which advances relatively quickly.

07:55 Huwwara CP
There are three active checking stations. The X-ray vehicle is active, and there is also a dog trainer.
The queues are short and those leaving Nablus pass relatively quickly (we measure 8 minutes from the moment of arrival at the CP until the exit.
08:25 Almost surrealistically and surprisingly all the people leaving have passed and the facility is empty (!) for a few minutes.
09:00  A man who has just now passed through the CP raises an assumption: because two men where killed at night in Nablus (according to his version they were students from Jenin), the army deliberately chooses to lighten the pressure at the CP.
Our friends from the shift to Beit Ibba went also to Beit Furik and they will report on that checkpoint.