'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 12.6.08, Afternoon

Hana E., Leah R. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

15:20 -17:45

15:20 - A'aneen Checkpoint
Tractors loaded with junk that no one in Israel is interested in, are returning to A'aneen.
We are approached by a soldier who wants to know who we are. following a friendly conversation, he says that he would rather be in Australia.
Passage of people back from the Seam Line zone to A'aneen is swift and efficient, but there are 8 youths without permits. A pistol bullet was found in one boy's pocket , and another is 21.

- A tractor arrives and the driver, pointing to the flat tire, is allowed to drive through despite the fact that he came after 15:30, the official closing hour.
The 8 soldiers are busy with telephone calls to inquire as to what to do with the 8 young detainees. In the meantime a 9th young man joins them.
The soldiers offer the 9 something to drink but they still have to sit in the sun and not move.
A police Jeep arrives as well as Major Bassem from the DCO, who speaks Arabic. He questions the youngsters It turns out yhat some of them had hidden their permits to avoid confiscation. One of them indeed has his permit confiscated and told that they might give his father some hard time.

- In the end all were allowed to get back to A'aneen. Exhausted but glad to go home. Bravo!

17:110 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
The Palestinian car park area is full, I can hardly find a parking place for my own car.
Many drivers awaiting passengers. Those returning to the West Bank go through swiftly, but we are told that in the morning passage is still slow.
There was a fight over the bags of used clothes that we had brought over.

- We leave.