Al Nashshash, Beit 'Inun, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 26.5.08, Morning

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Haya A., Eda G. (reporting). Translation: Jonathan M.

06:45 CP 300 Bethlehem: There are five active checking booths, with short lines in front of each one. The people are saying that it is pretty relaxed today. It only took them one hour to get through, so they are pleased.

All in all no one approaches us – not in Nashshash and not in Hussan. Apparently people are getting what they need over at the DCL and so our policing tasks become fewer.


08:45 Nebi-Yunes: There are a number of requests. One man pleads with us for help. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. He has a small child who has heart problems and needs surgery. The man is not working. He is prohibited by the police to pass and so cannot get a magnetic card and cannot get to the hospital or seek work. This is critical to him, since even if he does get a special permit to get to the hospital he can still not work and pay the bills.


10:00 Etzion DCL: There are a few people waiting for a magnetic card. The policemen are on holiday. It’s a calm day at the DCL.