Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 14.5.08, Morning

Anat T., Yael Y., Shira W. (reporting)

Sheikh Saed - 07:00

There are about ten men waiting at the openning of the fenced passage way. The men go through one by one, and the whole process takes time (it seems that the BP man wrote by hand the detailed information about each one of them). After about a quarter of an hour they all went through.

Women and children did not wait in line and entered the fenced passage way immediately.
People waiting at the checkpoint told us that because of the closureinfo-icon the workers did not even go out to work. Those who went through were mainly people with blue IDs, and special cases, like a man who had an orange ID and works in the church. He did not know if they will let him through, but he did not have any problem.

One of the civil guards told us that soon the checkpoint will be openned for vehicle traffic, after the appeal to the supreme court.

A flying checkpoint on the American road - 07:35.

There was a BP Jeep on the road, and a few Palestinians were standing by it. The impression was that the BP men were about to leave the place (and we heard their commander say so in the wireless). The commander approached us. He is the substitude of Adi as the commander of the area.

Sawaharra El-Sharkiye 07:45

A few people went through the checkpont, going to the Palestinian side. The soldiers ther explained to us that in any case, since this checkpoint is only for listed people, the closure has no meaning there, and passage is as usual.

Zeitim passage 08:30

We entered the checkpoint. There was a thin traffic of people, but only one sleeveinfo-icon was open, and so people had to wait in front of the sleeve. Our impression was that the checkups were through. The commander of the checkpoint, Y., approached us, took us out, and gave us a lesson.

Wadi Naar 09:25

There were four vans detained. Accoding to the passengers, they had been waiting for half an hour (the vans were released within twenty minutes since we arrived).

One private car was detained, and parts of the luggage compartement were out, as one soldier was telling the driver what to pull out. It is a rare thing that we have not seen for a long time in this checkpoint. According to the commander of the checkpoint there are "hot allerts". As a result the front hood of the car was raised, and the engine was throughly checked.
As a rule the traffic went through while the vans were detained and released withing a few minutes, and private cars were detained for more through checkups.