'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan

Tami Rituv, Hannah Heller


Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint 06:00

The upper parking lot is filled with cars and workers waiting for their rides.  There is a very long line  of people waiting to enter the terminal from the Palestinian parking lot, and about 35 people enter every three or four minutes.  We go down to the terminal through the sleeveinfo-icon and meet workers who are drinking coffee and others who are hurrying towards the cars.  There are four windows operating inside the terminal and people are coming out quickly. There is a lot of military traffic on the roads of large and small vehicles.  We heard that homes had been demolished in Kabatia.


A'anin Checkpoint, 06:30

The checkpoint is closed and there is no one in sight.  We hear people's voices from the wadi (valley).  At 06:45 we called the Liaison and Coordination Administration.  We were told that they know about the problem and that they were looking for the military police, who would come immediately.  At 07:00 a vehicle from the Liaison and Coordination Administration arrived with three soldiers.  They opened the gate and the checkpoint began operating at 07:10


Five tractors and 85 people cross the checkpoint and greet us with "Good morning" as they pass.


07:40– Seven Bedouin children from the wadi (valley) got into the bus that takes them to school.

By 07:50 everyone had crossed and the checkpoint closed.