Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Fri 22.2.08, Morning

Orit D, Ofra T, Michal V (Reporint)

Translation: Ruth F.

8:45 Za'tara/Tapouah junction
Two posts were activated- One had two soldiers in it, and in the other there was just one. Cars were detained at the post with the single soldier. When we asked one of the soldiers why those cars were being detained he said they needed two soldiers at the post so that the cars could pass.

A religious settler with a Kipa and Tzitziyot, came to the soldiers in the post and gave them cookies. Beforehand, when we came closer to the posts, they asked us to step back. When we asked the soldier standing near us about it she said, "We don't take any cookies". The checkpoint commander came to her and told her not to talk to us. When we asked him he said there was segregation but wouldn't give us the specific details. He said that one of the drivers in the detained cars had an ID without a picture.

A car with two passengers was detained at the junction. One of the passengers told us that they had a permit and that they were on their way to visit his son that had a transplant and was now at Hadasa hospital. When they arrived at the checkpoint no soldiers were in it. They passed the checkpoint, and then the soldiers arrived and stopped them. He tried convincing the soldiers to let him pass. When one of the soldiers saw we were talking with this passenger, he came and told him to head on his way.

9:15 Beit Furik
There were seven soldiers at the checkpoint. An armored personnel carrier was parked by one of the posts. One of the soldiers came to ask us who we were. The checkpoint commander came to him and probably told him not to talk to us. 

10:00 Huwwara
There was an armored personnel carrier by the checkpoint with a soldier and a dog trainer.
Two soldiers were inspecting the IDs of those entering Nablus.

At the inspection post was a Palestinian that told that that they detain him from time to time for a couple of hours, and then release him. A soldier that stood near us told us to step back. At 10:10 the Palestinian was released.

An argument between a soldier and one of the people who was passing had erupted. The soldier, who was patronizing and not at all pleasant, said he had thrown his cigarette on the ground, and that she couldn't breathe.