'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tsafrira Z., Tami R., Nili (guest), Neta G. (Reporting).Marcia L., translation


There is a delay of an hour and ten minutes in the opening of the Anin checkpoint. Was there an “event” or just a vehicle mishap? The patience of the Palestinians is not to be believed.  When will it end?


Anin Checkpoint, 14:50

Fifteen people, among them parents with a small child dressed for a celebration, and five tractors, already wait at the opening of the checkpoint.  At 14:55 an army vehicle arrives from the security road and a soldier opens the gate.  We are amazed! They are opening before it is time! We were mistaken.  The vehicle passes and the gate is locked.


15:10 – We phone the Coordination Office.  We wanted clarification.  15:20, we telephone again.  The female soldier at the Coordination Office says that at the brigade they told her that they sent the soldiers.  15:40. The female soldier at the Coordination Office says there was an “event” at the Gilboa passage (Jilma Checkpoint in our language) and that the soldiers will come from there.  15:45.  The soldiers come.  They open the gate.  I ask their officer, a captain, why there is such a delay.  He doesn’t understand my question.  It’s not them.  They only just passed the security road.  The soldiers that are supposed to open will come in another ten minutes. They lock the gate and travel on.


16:10  The correct soldiers arrive.  They open (the gate).   Everyone passes through immediately.  To my question, the officer, (a lieutenant) answers that there was a vehicle mishap.

It is difficult to believe the patience with which the Palestinians waited.  Even the little girl was patient.  Our guest gave her a candy and in return received a flower that the little girl picked.  It is touching.


Tura-Shaked Checkpoint, 16:20

A few pass through.  The fabric awning over the automobile inspection place is torn and the wretched tear hangs over the elaborate and unnecessary checkpoint.


Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint, on the side of the seamline zone 16:40

Many people return from work and pass quickly through the carousel that is on the side of the terminal.  Everyone passes without need for inspection.  A message in Arabic is written on the permission inspection stations..  One of those passing through translates for us that until Thursday (today) there is no need for inspection.  We don’t know if the stations are broken or if that is a new administrative experiment.


Few pass through to the seamline zone.  A couple from Yabed pass through for a wedding in Barta’a.  They are a couple over the age of 50 and do not need a permit.  An additional woman waits, age 65, who is delayed for a time because she wants to pass through with her jar of olives.  The woman and her olives pass through.


17:10 – We leave.  A resident of Barta’a complains about being prevented from entering Israel.  He already has a telephone list of our members who are trying to help him with that.  It is not within our power to help him more than that.