'Anata, Abu Dis, Sheikh Saed, Mon 14.4.08, Morning

Yehudith E, Maya B. (reporting)
6:50  we arrive  at Sheich  Saed

It is even more fortified then it was last week.  Hard to believe  but it is. 

A small group  of men  stands very quitly and very orderly in line and wait to come through.  If they don't they won't  be  called forward to pass.  The children  go undisturbed  but the age they are asked to show a paper  seems to be going down.  the men watching the C.P.  all seem to be from a private guarding  company.  Only one BP.

A soldier is still left to register every passer by.  The scene  is utterly depressing.

  We stay for a while  and then decide  to try and get to Anata from  Kfar  Adumim.

  But you  can drive this way to Ramalla ,  not to Anata,  all the existing roads are blocked.  We finally get to Anata,   by driving all around, but since it is almost 8  A.M.  ther is hardly  a person left   to come  in.   All the traffic is  between 5-7  AM.