Bethlehem, Fri 1.2.08, Morning

Efrat and Clare


9:00- A couple of hundred meters from the checkpoint at Bethlehem there was a blockage. A police vehicle and a military jeep were parked there, by them were two soldiers.

-We are from Machsom Watch. Can we pass through to reach Bethlehem CP?

-Ask the blue uniforms. They are the ones to put the blockage.

The police men were in the midst of a conversation. They were talking about what was going on at the tunnel road. When we asked why we couldn't pass, they said: "There is a security alert".

We turned to the right, towards Gush Ezyon. There were already about twenty cars there waiting. After a couple of minutes the policemen asked that they "head back, this will take a lot of time".  

Who know how much time is "a lot of time?". As we had no choice we gave up on Bethlehem checkpoint and also the drive to Nabi Unis, where E was to meet a Palestinian and give him his driver license back after having paid his debts. We had talked with him and arranged where we would meet him. E hurried to call him and explain that we won't be able to make it.  

We decided to go to Shech Sa'ed/

E called her friend and found that headed to Bethlehem early that morning, and he was to returned to Jerusalem. She told him there was a blockage, and asked that he tell her whether he managed to pass.  


E's friend called and told her that the blockage was removed.