Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 6.2.08, Morning

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Drora P, Ora A. (reporting) Yosef M. (driving and assisting)

Bethlehem, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunes & Ezyon  DCL


06.40 Bethlehem CP

At the exit many people crowd together on the sidewalk.   A long line of cars are on the road.   Inside there are long queues.   Only five posts are active.   Soldiers are drowsy and

Passage is slow.   We try to contact the CP commander to request an additional post but without success (a week previously he had authorized our request).   Women passing complain about the absence of a humanitarian passage.   We talk to the security guard, who is in charge of the order in the queues, and he promises to help;  he allowes immediate passage for one woman who had tried to advance without success.   She says that at the point of entry in Bethlehem there had been gathering of numerous people, standing in the cold from 3-4 a.m. without any shelter.   Regarding the latter and the absence of separate line for women we had written a previous complaint.   We were promised the construction of a shelter…   We believe this matter has to be raised again in writing. 

07.15 Al Nashash

A man who has made an appointment with us tells about his problem of transport.   We ask for details and shall try to help him. 

07.45 Nebi yunes

It is very cold.   There is still much snow beside the road.  A bunch of youngsters are sitting around a little bonfire.  They hope to be taken to work by employers who look for

day laborers.   Two men approach us: one is a GSS excluded , the other police excluded. 

08.30 Ezyon DCL

The place is empty.   A young man arrives and is let in by the soldier.   Apparently the

Policeman Maher is absent; two telephone calls are not answered.   The Youngman who

comes out says that today Fares is in charge but he is not authorized to write receipts.