Etzion DCL, Sun 9.3.08, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting) Translation: Jonathan M.


Four people were waiting for us at the DCO – two were waiting for the GSS one was an accompaniment and one was waiting for a medical permit so his son could visit an eye clinic. The DCO sent him to the Palestinian Authority representatives, while they were at a meeting at the Etzion DCO. I asked for some consideration of his request and met with major Navoani who promised to take care of the situation. The man spend quite a long time inside which made me think that indeed he was being helped.

We made a call to the humanitarian center, perhaps it will hasten the entrance of one of those waiting for the GSS.

Meanwhile a man exited the GSS. He is married to two women and has 7 children. “What do they want from me?” he asked in Arabic. “I live a simple life. I want work so I can provide for my family.” One of the other Palestinians there who helps us translate suggests that he marries a third wife, and then perhaps he will get a magnetic card. Again the GSS asked him to open his eyes and report anything out of the ordinary. “What do they want from me? I deal with my immediate environment and don’t push my nose into other peoples business.” 

Another small glimpse of everyday life… 

Beit Omar - The situation is still tense. 

Rachel crossing – two checking booths are open. On curfew days that is enough.