Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren Translation: Naomi Gal

8:45 to 10:15

Many people are passing. Most of the time 2 windows are open. One of the windows was closed for a while and a long line was formed. Even when another window was again opened people had to wait long minutes in front of the checking window. There were no short cuts or concessions, all had to press their finger, they did not open a gate for the elderly or women as they sometimes do. No senior officer came out to the checkpoint area.

It was crowded but quiet on the Jerusalem side of the checkpoint. From the Palestinian side of the checkpoint every now and then came cries of protest and pushing one can presume that they were regulating the passage from there.

A quite young man (35?) arrived and handed his magnetic card with the confidence of someone who is used to doing so, but the woman-soldier signaled to him that he must go back. Very surprised he asked "Why, what happened?" he took out his permit and was about to attach it to the window’s glass, but the soldier told him it was useless and that he is prevented. He stood several seconds in disbelief and finally stepped aside so as not to delay those waiting behind him.