Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayot (reporting and photographing). Translation: Naomi Gal

10:25 to 12:30



10:25 Bezeq Checkpoint

We passed.


The Jordan Valley and Alon roads are surrounded by beautiful green slopes. The shepherds and their sheep add a semblance of a peaceful life. From the car’s window one does not see the destruction and the suffering of the area’s residents. 
The previous report from the valley (14/2/16) mentioned the farm on the ascent to the Rotem settlement. We have been following its developments for a long time (now the photos are attached). 
We did not see soldiers in the area, except for 3 large vehicles in the training area north of the road leading to Tayasir. Apparently further training is being planned.


Tayasir Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open and there are no soldiers. A dirty flag of the "Jordan Lions" battalion is hanging there. There are road works on the way to the checkpoint, a deep excavation, probably for laying a large concrete pipe. Drivers who pass by assume that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for these works.

It is a very bumpy road and its condition worsens from one winter to the next.



Hamra Checkpoint: 10:50 to 11:40

The line on the western side of the checkpoint was long but has dissolved after about 15 minutes. The line on the eastern side was alternately short and long. At the window on the road two women soldiers are merry, singing and dancing.One of them aimed a gun at the road and then hung it on her shoulder. The other one told us that she was sick, "but other than that everything is great." They stop the cars and say the few words they know in Arabic: Lewien (where to, min wien (where from), jib el hawaya (give me your ID) . One of the drivers hands them two oranges and they consent to take them. To us they suggested we stand in the shade of their window and drink plenty of water because of the heat.

We saw signs on the gate of Beqa'ot settlement advertising the “Valley March,” on 26/2/16, at exactly the same time when at “Tzavta” in Tel Aviv the Human Rights Award to commemorate Yeshayahu Leibowitz will be awarded.


12:30 Bezeq