Tova S. Noa E. Chava B. Sara

Windy afternoon in Qalandiya. A very long queue of people. A lot of
pedestrians from both sides. We met the student who was polite and
did his best to help. The commander of the p.c. was helpful as
well. We met a Palestinian who told us that his papers were taken
away from him yesterday on the road and when he got to the c.p.
without his papers his mobile phone was taken as well as a
punishment\pikadon by the volunteer with the white hair - till he
brings his papers. We called the moked who called the matak in Bet
El and talked to an officer who was very interestered in taking
care of the case probably because that's is not the first time that
such a think happens in the machsom. Noa talked to the volunteer
and he - in fact - confirmed that they take mobile phones from time
to time from people who don't have papers (???).

A-Ram: it is time for breaking the fast and long queues of cars
from both sides. At the Neve Yaacov junction a c.p of magav - they
detained a large group of people who were there for about an hour.
They were taken out from buses and transists. The magav were
"nice" as usual - they wanted us to leave the place - but
we stayed there till all the group was released - it seems that our
presence there helped the all procedure to get faster.