Ar-Ram: Almost no pedestrians and cars.
Four soldiers at the checkpoint, one on the roof. They hold two
young Palestinians that tried to avoid the check. After 40 minutes,
one just disappeared. Two civilians were working at the
electricity/electronic equipment around the checkpoint. We couldn't
find out from which company they were. Two women couldn't pass, no
permission, no understanding, nothing. The older lady had to see an
eye doctor and was afraid to come home later alone, so the younger
accompanied her. We couldn't help.

Qalandya: A long, heavy line of cars northbound. Many, many
pedestrians on both sides. They aren't checked northbound.
Southbound, seven soldiers and one female volunteer checked all the
people. A large group of schoolchildren with adults passed easily
without checking. They all wore T-shirts from the "Jerusalem
District Electricity Company". The adults in this group were
so busy with the children that we didn't have a chance to ask them