Ar-Ram 7.30 quiet,traffic and
pedesterian movement not heavy.

Qalandya - Surprisingly very quiet,school is over, so not many
children around, two lanes advancing quickly, a volunteer (retired
colonel) letting through most women without cheking, men are
checked very briefly just with a glimpse at their documents, but
even so some were returned back. We couldn't figure out what was
the policy if there was one at all or it was just accidental. Sagi
the commander initiated a conversation with us and said that the
older volunteer instructed them earlier to ease on people but then
another soldier said that cars were checked very thouroughly on
purpose so as not to let them pass quickly.

We met no detaineesinfo-icon or people waiting for their confiscated

Back to our car a woman stopped her car to speak to us. She said
that few days ago the army installed a wire fence to separate the
palestinian houses from the Jewish neibourhood Neve Yaacov. She was
really dismayed as she said that they had good relations with the
Jewish neighbours and her children used to go and exercise sport on
the playgrounds of Neve Yaacov and sometimes she drives them to
school through the Jewish neighberhoud to avoid the improvised
checkpoints at Shuafat. This woman intended to email MW this
information, she refers to the whole situation as

An improvised BP checkpoint 200 meters before Givaa Tsarfatit

We talked to some palestinians, they are trying to get optimistic.