'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 11.2.08, Afternoon

Elisheva A., Yona A., Ziona S. (reporting)

After a long pause, the partial separation policy has returned.  It is forbidden for the residents of  Jenin and Tulkarm to exit from Anabta to the south.  At the A-Ras checkpoint there are no restrictions.

13:50  Ar-Ras
Light traffic.  Two soldiers at the northern inspection booth.  The traffic is free in the direction of Tulkarm.  Three soldiers check documents and sometimes the baggage compartment of the vehicles leaving Tulkarm.  At the end of the inspection, they say to the driver:  "Have a good day!" One should mention that they do this with good will, and the effect is notable on the faces of the drivers.  There are no restrictions at this checkpoint and we have time to enjoy the colorful flowering in the fields nearby.

14:20  Anabta
An armed vehicle of the "Zeev" type stands at the side of the road, apparently because of some technical problem.  The field behind it is speckled with huge anemones – one of the soldiers has a red anemone behind his ear.  He says that it is forbidden for the residents of Tulkarm and Jenin to travel south.

The traffic withint Tulkarm flows without any inspetion.  Also Israeli vehicles.  The northern booth alone is manned.  At the exit there is a long line of vehicles.  The soldiers inspect the drivers documents and those of the young passengers in taxis.  Only the owners of vehicles with yellow license plates go through freely.