Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 14.1.08, Morning

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Haya A. and Ada G. (reporting), translation Jonathan M.

Route 60, Beit Anun and Ezyon DCL

07:30 Hussan –Taking care of paperwork for 3 people. 

    07:45 Nashash – Everything is quiet. One man comes to pick up papers belonging to him. 

    08:00 Beit Omar – The usual stuff. A number of people with the usual police problems.

    On our way back there is a big traffic jam. The police are directing traffic. According the policeman there is ice on the road. We thought to ourselves – bless them. 

    08:30 Beit Anun – The usual. A jeep is parked at the side of the road. We turned around and left. 

    09:00 Nebi Yunes – there is a large sign on tall concrete block. A new sign, white and red – “you are now entering the Palestinian Authority. No Israelis allowed!” we parked behind the sign and answered all the usual questions.

    On our way back there is a still a big traffic jam. 

    10:00 Ezyon DCL – there are quite a few cars in the parking lot, but not too many people waiting, summoned by the GSS. On our way out we are stopped by a couple – the woman has been living in the US for the past 15 years. She has come for a two week visit to see her father who is dying of cancer at the Al-Mukasad hospital on Mount Scopus. She has been sent back and forth and today she was told that she was GSS restricted. We hope she succeeds. We refer her to Hanna, perhaps she will manage to help her.