Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sat 12.1.08, Morning

Asaf, Association for Civil Right, 5 members from Birthright Israel/Taglit (guest) Maya B. H. and Chana B. (reporting),

Translation: Rachel B.



We arrived at Huwwara early (7:45 AM) and the checkpoint was almost empty.  It turned out that today is a holiday: government offices and the university are closed.  That may be the explanation for the absence of any traffic.  We took advantage of the free time and explained to our guests what they were seeing and the general position of MachsomWatch on the occupation and the checkpoint.

An "Oketz" unit arrived near 9:00 AM.
The District Coordination Office officer T. and the checkpoint commander (an officer who did not introduce himself to us) approached us to talk and find out who our guests were.  After the conversation we were left alone and were free to move around in the area of the checkpoint - within the bounds of military "logic."

Beit Furik

The checkpoint is empty, no cars in line.  The drivers say that "the situation is fine." We did our best to explain {to our guests} the conditions in the blockaded villages and who can pass through the checkpoint and who cannot.

We left at 11:30 AM