Beit Iba, Jit, Tue 15.1.08, Afternoon

Yael S., Amit Y. Natanya translating.


15.20  Beit Iba. Great pressure and many people. The line at the magnometer is long. The DCO representative Tomer helps and checks. Those entering Nablus are not checked. People leave the turnstiles with their belts in their hands and shy smiles.

At the car lane there are workers guarded by a man from the civil security with his gun.

15.40 It is hard to see if there are detaineesinfo-icon. One has to go up the stairs and today we were not chased away. There are 4 people who have been there for about 4 hours because they tried to bypass. One of them is known to us as a porter with a car but now he has been caught in the fields.

15.50 Two detainees are freed but we cannot see whom. We have to find a way to check up on detainees.
16.10 The car lane is long and it is hard to see how many cars there are. Drivers say they waited 2 hours. 8 cars waiting to enter Nablus.The workers have finished and how it is possible to open a humanitarian line

We leave at 16.30 when there are less people.

17.00 Jit is open. At Shvut Ami there is a car with people around it,