Beit Furik, Huwwara, Thu 3.1.08, Afternoon

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Yael K. (guest), Edna K., Dorit H. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

Nablus and Huwwara checkpoint.  
10s of fighting vehicles and 100s of soldiers entered the neighbourhoods and homes in the area of the centre of Nablus.  As the Israeli media stated from an army source the aim was to capture those wanted and war materials. This action as it was called by the army and the media was met by opposition of the population.  They reacted by throwing stones and trying to stop the vehicles on the road with their own bodies.
The media described it as "confrontations between the soldiers and the population. The army used every method at its disposal to disperse the demonstrations and shot rubber bullets in all directions.  As a result 25 people were wounded including a babyinfo-icon who was mortally wounded and a man who was very seriously wounded.  This action continued the entire day and the area was called "a closed army area". Parts of the city were under curfew, the hospital was under closureinfo-icon and medical teams and ambulances were prevent entering the area.

As a result we hardly saw anyone at the checkpoint and those who did come, mainly men, were very carefully checked...the usual strip.

 No detaineesinfo-icon. Hardly any cars. The soldiers were calm and worked quietly and the representative of the DCO acted politely and was willing to help where possible. As a result of Edna's excellent Arabic we spoke to those leaving Nablus. They told us they knew what was happening there and said that there were few people because it was better to stay indoors.

14.00 A young man came to the checkpoint with his father so as to give himself in. He was wanted and the commander handcuffed him , blindfolded and took him with the help of another soldier to a military vehicle.

Beit Furik.  14.30
At the parking lot opposite the checkpoint were 5 cars and we were met with joy by Edna's friends from the neighboring villages who had come to bring some bottles of olives which she sells for them in her home town.

Few soldiers and cars passed but slowly. Hardly any pedestrians. The commander and two soldiers checked the car lane which allowed cars exiting and entering to do so in turn. Cars were checked carefully and took about 10-20 minutes. The commander said he could not open the other car lane because of a lack of manpower but they were trying to send cars through as fast as possible. He said sometimes there were reinforcements but not today.

While there we saw armored army vehicles leaving Nablus.

Bruqin and Dik.
A blocking of the industrial area of Barkan.

On our way to Huwwarra we entered the area which was blocked and prevented residentws of Bruqin and Dik from going through to the industrial area of Barkan as was reported a few days ago. To our sorrow we found that the lane which joines the villages to this area was suddenly cut off by three large and wide rows of enormous stones...about 50 meters apart.

 While there we could see cars stopping and people getting out and coming on foot and also some cars slowly driving up the mountain while making their own way. This not only can damage the cars but also the comfort of the passengers is in doubt.