Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 30.12.07, Afternoon

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Shulamit S. and Yael S. (reporting)

DCL Ezyon, Rachel checkpoint


Most of the people at the Ezyon DCL were waiting for the GSS. I needed a work permit, and this time everything went smoothly. We talked to Tdsa abou permits given to the Christians for their holidays, and this is what he explained:

Application for the permits is preformed by the churches, the DCL then sumons a representative of the church and gives him the names of those, from his church who will get a permit- a problem might arise when a person applies through several churches- he might not be able to find out which church received his authorization, and it is not possible to cancel it and then issue another one… The commanders were informed of this and hopefully this problem won't recur.

During the short time we were there, two people were taken for investigation at the GSS and Tdsa told the people to sit in the waiting room otherwise they won't hear when they are called for. And that’s a problem.

I called the lieutenant Camil Wahabi, the new head of the DCL, and congratulated him for his new job. When he got back to me I told him about the problems with the police at the DCL  and he said that he knew about them and that the Civil Administration was trying to improve the situation.

At 16:30 at Rachel checkpoint there were two lines  of about 30 meters (three quarters of the path), just like it was last week, those standing in line were returning from a days work. I decided to time it. I stood at the end of the line and had an interesting conversation with those in it, and when we arrived at the door eleven minutes had passed- but eleven minutes in that line are like five hours…

All the posts were open (five)- There was no attendant to tell people in which line to stand, about 20 people were allowed to enter each time, and they obviously went to the shorter line. The soldiers checked the permits and the magnetic cards.

The passage officers were there and we talk to them. They have a severe manpower problem- "Machsom Watch couldn't even manage to increase our manpower by one soldier"- so, the women of the lobby, please decided whether we have an interest to improve this checkpoint by speaking to someone about increasing manpower to it.

There were also people heading to Jerusalem and they also got in line.  

I'll repeat my question from last week:

Why is it impossible to add more soldiers and computers?