Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 28.1.08, Morning

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Ora A., Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting) Yoska M. (driving)


Rachel checkpoint, EL Nashnash, Nabi Unis, Ezyon DCL 

Rachel Checkpoint: There were five active posts. The lines were very long but everything was going fine and without any delays. One of the ecumenical accompaniers told  us that they had been there since before five o'clock and that the passage had opened exactly at five AM. Since only one post was open they called the Humanitarian Center and soon afterwards another post was opened. 


El Nashnash: We had set to meet a Palestinian who needed some help regarding some police problems. 


Nabi Unis: We meet two other people with whom we had arranged to meet, again regarding police problems.  

DCL Ezyon: The soldiers who let people enter through the revolving door told those entering that they had to wait two to three minutes, but their waiting lasted about half an hour (by then we had left), and the soldier said that the officer hadn't arrived yet, "What can I do". We once again saw a notice dealing with land confiscation by Bat Yain, this time land was taken for use as as an observation point. I let Hagit Afran know, but she had already been there a couple of days before and had already started to take care of it.