'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 17.1.08, Morning

Ora K., Shira V. (reporting)

05:55 Zeitim passage

There are a few tens of people waiting outside the outside gate. Despite of it we see that the traffic flaws, and the line shortens in a short while. A man passing by told us that it took him ten minutes to cross the checkpoint. Our timing of another man was about twenty minutes, so we are talking about ten to twenty minutes.

Another person stopped us in a request to take take of a private problem: he wants to leave his employer, since he pays him a low wage (150 NIS), and he wants to move to another employer who will pay him more - 200 NIS. Since his entrance permit depends on his employer, the later would not report him leaving, since he does not that to happen, and he is left captive with the employer who pays a low wage. We gave him the card of the center of protection of the individual, and told him how to contact Sylvia.

06:20  We left the place.

06:37 Wadi Naar

A heavy stench of garbage surrounds the whole area, even while we drove there.
As we arrived, the traffic was thin and flowing. At some points, maybe as a result of the chill, there were no soldiers outside the shed, and the Palestinian cars drove freely. One of the drivers passed by and told us that when we arrive there is no traffic, and when we are not there the soldiers make problems. He suggested that we try and come from the west (Sawaharra), park aside where the soldiers don't see us, in order to watch what happens when we are "transparent".

07:00 We left the place

07:30 Anata - according to the new policy of Machsom Watch

We came right on time when the pupils transportations arrived, and there was a big rush of hundreds of children. It got quiet within half an hour. The two lanes were open towards Jerusalem, one towards the east. The line of cars was not especially big, and the traffic was moving. The drivers were requested to present documents, and every once in a while they openned the luggage compartement. The children crossed on foot without being checked. The grown ups who crossed on foot were requested to present their documents. The checkpoint was manned by security forces people and by guards from civil companies.