'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Sun 13.1.08, Morning

Meira A., Avital T. (reporting)
06:50 Sheikh Saed

It is a dry and very cold morning, and as we come down from Armon Hanaziv a red sun comes up from the desert. A spectacular view that we change immediately into the garbage piles that are piled up without being collected at the foot of the surrounded neighborhood. At the top of the hill there are about 15 people waiting petiently for their documents to be checked. Their number does not change. Any time one is released to his day's work, another one joins the line. Three pupils go through quickly.

07:20 The container

Today there is a noisy and happy group of soldiers there, and no one waits. The lorries go up the hill and pass by quickly, and the taxis too are released quickly. A young boy riding a donkey arrives. He ties the donkey to the pole in the donkey's parking lot, moves some stone and picked up his school book, and runs on his way.

08:20 Anata

It is a quiet monrning and nobody bothers us on the southern sidewalk, in a very appropriate point of view. There are no comings and goings, and none bothers the various people stationed there - Soldiers, BP men and one policeman. The traffic is flowing and there are no pedestian any more.