Reihan, Shaked, Sat 12.1.08, Morning

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Shula N., Noah L. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

Shaked checkpoint 0730-0800

Traffic is on-going but only a few cars.
A donkey, bicycles, a private car, and some pedestrians cross over from one side to the other without delays.

Rihan checkpoint 0810-0900
At this time there is no entry to the West Bank and no people waiting at the terminal.
Traffic to the opposite side, though, is quite heavy .People are coming out of the terminal all the time. 
To our question, they answer that inside the terminal, in smaller rooms, there are more people; some have been waiting to go through for more than 3(!) hours, since 05:00. Others report of waiting for one hour, and some went through within 5 minutes.

There are two inspection posts in the terminal and no delays.
At the vehicles' inspection post 6 cars await inspection, dogs are involved, and average inspection time is half an hour, depending on the line. At the very same time, in a parallel lane , a settler's vehicle zooms through.
The day is nice and clear but the cold weather, along with the wind-chill factor, especially at the entrance to the terminal, gets in our bones. A quick talk with drivers on both car park sites and we surrender to the weather and leave.