'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 14.1.08, Morning

Rina R., Maya B. (reporting)
6:30  we decide to go  to Anatta instead of Sheich Saed,  since there seems to be more to do  at that C.P.  we arrive their at 6:45  and are amazed at the amount of traffic both in cars and people.  Thousands of people, children still yawning  on their way to different schools, workers with blue IDs or permits  come through the caroussel  and at least 10 soldiers from the BP plus some  civil guards check them.  It all goes rather fast,  and we are asked  politly not to disturb their  tasks. 

No particular  incidents are  being noticed.  We meet the Qallandia shift there, and upon meeting us  they decide to move on to Qallandia.  We stay for almost an hour with very little to do or report.  It has all become  a banal routine accepted by all  since there is very little choice.  We are still amazed by the amount of cars and people coming through in a relativly short time.

We move on to Wadi Naar.  We are met by a long long waiting  line of cars of all denominations.  In answer to our questions we are told that the soldiers have an alert call and therefor every car ,almost, is checked.  It takes much longer  then on our recent shifts.

A truck from Jericho with sheep  , two men and a few women with children are being detained for veterinarien reasons.We start to call the various DCOs, since that is the  station that holds them up, and find out that a vet's certificate is not enough, but that the DCO is waiting for  an OK  from the health services  in the Palestinien Authority.We have to leave.