Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 31.12.07, Afternoon

Bilha A., Yonah A.Natanya translating.

   15.00  Beit Iba. At the parking area we met a man who lives in Beit Iba and works with an  Israeli computer company from Petach Tikva. He says that he put up cameras along the entire length of the separation fence. He has to go through the checkpoint every day and is happy about the magnometer as now he no longer has to take off his coat on the cold days.

Near the checkpoint we meet a man who is responsible for the upkeep of the university of E-Jajach. He lives in Tulkarm, works in Nablus and each day has to go through the checkpoint because of his age. He is worried about what will happen on the 15th January when the university term starts again and thousands of young people will have to go through this device which will then squeak  and each time everyone will have to take off their coats and empty their pockets of everything in them until the machine stops squeaking. The DCO representative comes up to hear what the man has to say and agrees that it is something which must be taken into consideration and says that he will pass on these problems.

Two young women who are veiled are asked to go into the closed booth to be checked by the woman soldier and the checking is done swiftly and they go on their way.

Two young men are detained in the enclosure and the DCO representative says that they tried to bypass the checkpoint. We cannot speak to them.

Elderly people who have to pass the magnometer come through with their belts in their hands, well-dressed men, all of whom are embarrassed and try to get out of our eye range before dressing themselves again.  The young men stop next to us and curse.

A young man has a heavy box of books which he is asked to empty, about 10, and the soldier looks through them and hands them back.

A boy of 12 is brought to the commander by a soldier who shouts at him to be quiet and sayshe had tried to slip through. The commander speaks to the boy, puts his hand on his neck and says he should not try this again and sends him back to Nablus with a tap of the hand.

15.50 A number of women and a girl who seems to be backward try to pass through but the girl does not have an ID. The soldier tells the mother that they will have to go back. The women consult amongst themselves what to do and then another soldier goes up to them, gives the mother her ID and lets them through.

A young Palestinian woman comes to us and complains that the women have to stand in the same line as the men and asks that two lines be formed. The DCO hears this and tries to help but it is difficult because there is only place for one line  and another for those who pass on the side.  There are not many people today so the problem is solved. 
16.00 Amgad from the kiosk says that yesterday when he came back from Nablus he had to wait an hour to pass.
There are  not many cars today.
16.15 No checkpoint at Jit. The red house seems to be empty and the road is open to all but there is  no one on it.  The road to Azzun is also open and there are no soldiers.

16.45 Qalqiliya. Border police checking those entering and exiting. 4 cars wait to enter the city and there isno delay.