Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sun 30.12.07, Morning

Meira A., Avital T. (reporting)


We arrived at the Container a little before seven - it is completely quiet. There are no comings and goings, and only very near the checkpoint one can see a line of lorries waiting for something, maybe a through checkup, and maybe checking how patient they are on the steep and winding road, Within two minutes the line starts moving, without being checked. We counted more than 25 taxis and lorries harrying to Abu Dis, to regain lost time.
A little later a few school girls go through hurrying, with their eyes downcast. One keeps studying while walking on the side of the road and three young boys are too in a hurry, but there is no study material in their hands, and it might be that their only study is in our building sites. Now after the big traffic jam is over, one can see the system - most of the time there are two taxis waiting aside for checkup of the documents, while the other cars go through without being checked. It seems that there is a quata that needs to be filled. Two of the taxis' passengers ask for our phone numbers, in case they need it in the future.

Zeitim passage 08:00

There is almost not a soul in the checkpoint. We arrived at the southern side of the checkpoint. In the waiting shed there is one young man sitting. Today, Sunday, they accept people from Abu Dis. Do they all celebrate the New Year, or have they despaired of permits that do not permit anything. There is man wandering around, a bit bored, by the waiting shed.