Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 17.12.07, Afternoon


15.15 Beit Iba- When we arrive and park in the parking lot the lane of cars reaches almost to this lot. There is a holiday feeling. People loaded with parcels and presents. The taxis cause a traffic jam. Army cars try to go through to Nablus and are also stuck. The soldiers manage to bring about some sort of order and the jam opens up.

Elderly people and women with children are checked on the side by three soldiers. Few young people go through the turnstiles. They are already on holiday.

 A bus at the side of the road is checked by the dog for at least 15 minutes.
People enter Nablus with no problems.

A soldier comes to speak to the soldiers at the checkpoint about a young man  who has a scarf with colours which he says is that of the Fatah.  He asks if he can give it back to the young man and is sent back to do so.
16.15  There is much traffic on the roads. The meat of sheep hangs in the shops.  But Gamal who owns a shop says that people have no money to buy.

At Jit there is no checkpoint.

We see a sign pointing to the settlement of Shvut Ami and see a high mound of dirt on the road leading to the pink house at the head of the hill.
Azzun …no checkpoint and the road to the village is open.