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On the way to the checkpoint, we saw a couple of soldiers at the roundabout near the gas station. We decided to check it on the way back.Cold and occasional rain. No soldiers at the passage near the hill or around the gas station and the university. The hill very muddy. Not many people as usual. A big group of men hurried to get through, probably to avoid the soldiers.The wall got longer. As Salame, the friendly guard of the university noted - each day they are adding 5 meters. The upper gate to the university was open. No access to the one next to the guard because of the additions.On the way back we stopped at the roundabout. 3 soldiers were stopping private cars randomly, checking them and the IDs of the drivers, using the gas station as their office. Not much delay in returning the IDs.Pretty uneventful. When I write these two words I become aware again how this whole horrid reality becomes a habit for all involved.