Arrival about 6,30 a.m., on the way and before the wall no soldiers. People climbed over the wall over small stairs. Then a jeep with border police arrived and soon destroyed the stairs. From now on it was risky for the people jumping down the wall to the Jerusalem side. One soldier was observing the climbing, from time to time checking papers, but never helping. This was up to us, as far we were not occupied watching other places. It was impossible to get over the wall without help. Bus drivers told us, that last week also busses got confiscated. One of the drivers showed us a letter from his lawyer in which a law from 1952 got quoted which says, that drivers of regular bus lines don't have to check the papers of their passengers. At the mosque we found a change: it was possible after crossing the ground of the university to surround the mosque from both sides to get to the bus stop. At the villa quarter Ashuyouh we found now two streets and a yard barred by metal gatesinfo-icon It looks as if all access from Abu Dis to this neighborhood will be closed.