E-Ram - full of familiar buses waiting for the schoolchildren, a good sign. We were there too early to see the stream of children arriving.Qalandya - lively traffic of yellow taxis, transits and trucks. Few private cars. North Qalandya: a steady stream of passers, at first a trickle, then more and more crowded as the hour goes by. Quite a few Palestinians with green or orange ID's were refused passage, then went back and passed by the volunteer, who was more lenient. South - dozens of young men were held up at an improvised checkpoint. We saw them on our way north and the group was even larger an hour or so later. As far as we could see, the group was composed of two components: young men who came from the Tora Bora and ones pulled out from passing taxis. The taxis came from the direction of Jaba. All the ID's were registered by hand and most men were directed to go back north, although some went further south. We didn't time the wait, but it probably was between fifteen and thirty minutes.