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As we arrived to the wall (7:40) people were passing through at the gate of Al-Quds, with fear on their face as usual, but freely. Few border policemen have been there and shouted at people trying to pass at the “booth” to go away, but drove away right after that, and no one was checked. In general, the whole area was quiet clear of people at the early hour. The taxi drivers told us this is the recent situation on Fridays: almost no people and nothing much happens. They seemed very calm about Fridays as long as a “terrorist attack” doesn’t take place. But they say that things DO happen on other days of the week: mostly, transits are taken by the border police at the eastern side of the wall or up the hill at Mount Olive area. And as always, the “container” checkpoint and Sawahre is where most people are detained or sent back home. They also tell that they were lately ordered by the Israeli forces to check themselves their passengers’ Ids.One of them asked us to check if the rumor, saying that there will be a curfew in a few days because of elections, gulf war, or something like that, is true.On the way back, as we go through the French-hill-junction, there’s a border police jeep parking on the sidewalk on the right, heading south, and a few people waiting next to it – perhaps detained. It’s number is 22-497-M.