Bethlehem - toally closed. Even the nurse going from Jerusalem to Bethlehem clinic every morning could not pass by today. Why? when we asked, the soldiers asked if we had heard about the “terrorist attack” and that there is some kind of reaction going on in Bethlehem. Anyway - only Israeli ID holders were allowed coming to Israel - nobody was allowed to Bethlehem. The border policemen (a new group!) explained, very politely, there is total curfew. On the way to El-Khadr. 3 border policemen checkpoints stopping Palestinian cars only.El-Khadr - empty. deserted. 4 Palestinians - a man, his sister and parents - waited there, very desperate, to catch a ride to Hebron, their home - where the man's wife is giving birth this morning. But there were no people/cars there. No taxi was stopping for them, so we gave them a lift to the next junction where they immediately found a taxi. Meanwhile - in El-Khadr we met "Doctors Without Borders" that were taking a nurse "back to back" with an ambulance.