Traffic from Jerusalem to Bethlehm flowing. No delays. Eventhough one driver was sent back to wait at the stop sign, and then go through. The Border Policman had to teach him a driving lesson.From Bethlehm to Jerusalem very slow. Strict check of the cars - taking apart the seats, emptying the baggage. One Palestinian had to open a nicely wrapped gift.Not many pedestrians crossing.EL Khader no machsom. Very busy, many people, buses, transits.On the way back we stopped at the machsom of Bethlehm again. The line to Jerusalem was still very long and the checking still strict.We waited at the machsom with a youngster who wanted to get into Bethlehm (with a blue ID from Jaffa and with family in Beit Jalla). He didn't have the permit with him and called his brother in Beit Jalla, who came after about 15 minutes to the checkpoint with the permit and he was let in.