Beit Iba, Wed 12.12.07, Morning

Netta A., Inbal R. (reporting)

   Natanya translating.

 08.15 – 09.00. Little movement and one detainee whose ID was suspected of being forged. Cars carefully checked. Tens of parcels are taken off a van and checked by the Oketz Unit for 10 minutes at least.

 Attention all those going to Hawarra.  In a conversation with the DCO representative  about the incident mentioned on the radio this morning by Carmela Menashe (about the soldier who had served in Nablus and reported his friends in the company who had stolen from Palestinians at the checkpoints….cigarettes and other small objects)  he said that he was frustrated that such cases are never investigated by the DCO or Machsomwatch women.  He thinks that such things happen mainly at the small checkpoints,  Beit Furik and Awarta, which are far away and that obviously money is involved…